PEC Firm Registration 2023

Company Registration with PEC –  Step by Step Guide 2023

Pakistan Engineering Council PEC is a statutory body operating under the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) with headquarters in Islamabad. In principle, all the firms executing Engineering related works get PEC Firm Registration. PEC is playing its part in making stick implementation of this law. Also, Chairman PEC Engr Jawed Saleem Qureshi is struggling and writing letters to the organization to appoint Engineers as head of engineering departments.

PEC Firm Registration
Company Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council

Who needs Registration with PEC?

All the firms/ companies working with the government/semi-government sector must have a valid PEC license. Having a valid PEC license opens much more opportunities for companies/firms. All government contractors & government operators targeting public works must get PEC registration. Without having a valid PEC license in the desired category make the firm targeted score is so narrow.

What is meant by PEC Registration?

Registration department is a major department of Pakistan Engineering Council – PEC. The prime responsibility of the government contractor registration department is to Register, Renew, upgrade, downgrade, award of specialization codes & closure of firms. Firms registration department is led by Registrar. For new registration with PEC, the department gets applications and after scrutinizing allot category to the applicant.

There are 2 major streams, PEC registration and award of PEC specialized codes. Moreover, we will discuss in detail why these are 2 different things.

PEC Firm Registration

When thinking of a new construction/ engineering business or PEC Firm Registration, the financial worth or available budget of the firm is most important. For example, a government contractor can execute projects up to 400 million & get registration in C6 or C1. Both the decisions will be wrong because if he gets a PEC license in C6 then he will underestimate his potential and if he goes for C1, then he will overestimate the process. Because C1 has 2500 Million limits and costs much more on initial registration as well as on renewals each year. For 400 Million, the best decision will be the C3 category having 500 Million project limit. We will discuss all the relevant details regarding PEC company registration in this article.

PEC Firm Registration Procedure 2023

Before initiating firm registration with PEC -Pakistan Engineering Council, few things must be considered. For example, firm or company, official address city, project limit & discipline of license i-e Civil, Electrical or Mechanical. However, the most important thing should be the license requirement & budget of the applicant. PEC Firm Registration procedure is as under

  • Define your budget
  • Finalize the project cost limit, For details visit PEC license categories
  • Arrange Engineers as per required as per category
  • Decide either to more on the financial worth base or Engineer partner based

After defining all these queries, finalize the name of the firm or company. 1st get NTN registration for a sole proprietor or SECP registration in the case of a Private Limited company. Open firm/company bank account in any bank except Microfinance banks in Pakistan.

PEC License Categories Limits

There are 8 categories for PEC Government contractors and also 8 categories for Government Operators. Moreover, For complete details on PEC license limits and categories visit PEC license categories.

PEC License Verification

PEC license data is available online on PEC website & any PEC registered company can be verified on PEC website very easily. For PEC license verification, click on the link: PEC Firm license verification.

PEC Firm Registration form

Pakistan Engineering Council has an extensive website. In the download section, all the forms are available. To download PEC firm registration forms click here.

Documents required for PEC Firm Registration

Documents required for PEC registration is almost the same for all categories. But, the requirements including PEC fee, PEC Engineers requirement & financial status varies for different PEC categories.

PEC Firm Registration Fee

There is a total of 8 PEC contractors categories and 8 categories for PEC Government contractors. PEC firm registration fee is between Rs 15,000 to Rs 4,00,00 per year. Moreover, for all the details on PEC registration/renewal fee, please visit our article mentioned below

PEC Firm registration requirements

A firm or a company desiring registration with PEC has to fulfil requirements based on the category targeted. Initial requirements are the same but other technical requirements changes according to different categories. Initial requirements for business registration with PEC are

  • NTN Registration with same address required from PEC
  • CNIC of all partners/directors
  • Firm / Company bank account
  • Bank account maintenance certificate
  • Hire engineers to fulfil PCP requirement as per PEC category required
  • Closing account balance or net worth
  • Completed application form

PEC Firm Renewal 2022

PEC Firm license has to renew every year. The validity period of all PEC contractor licenses expires on 30 June, each year. After 5th May, Each Year PEC license can be renewed. On details on PEC firm renewal please visit the article below

PEC Renewal Form

PEC renewal form is available for download on PEC website. However, firms in category C2 & above has to apply renewal application online so they don’t require PEC Renewal form.

PEC C6 Renewal Form

C6 firm is an initial category that can be registered with PEC as a government contractor. Pakistan Engineering Council issues license for a period of Fiscal year i-e July to 30th June Each year.

So, an expired PEC license must be renewed by applying PEC Renewal. Click here for complete details on PEC Firm Renewal. PEC C6 renewal form sample is given below

PEC Renewal Form
PEC C6 Renewal form

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