What are PEC license Limits in Pakistan?

Each PEC license category defines the upper Project Cost Limit allowed by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Different categories have different project limits. C6 is the lowest category firm which can execute up to only Pkr 25 Million projects. Whereas, higher categories can get big woks. The table below shows PEC License limits for all contractor categories

Category Project Limit (Pkr-Crore) Min. PCP Required SECP Reg. Required
C-62.55 PCPsNo
C-56.55 PCPsNo
C-42015 PCPsNo
C-35020 PCPsYes
C-210035 PCPsYes
C-125090 PCPsYes
C-B400120 PCPsYes
C-ANo-Limit200 PCPsYes
PEC License Limits

PEC C6 License Limit

C6 category firm can get work execution up to Rs 25 Million. As C6 is the initial category, normally maintenance works are floated for C6 limit. For any government contractor, at least valid PEC C6 license is required. A sample C6 license is shown below. C6 PEC license can be in Civil engineering or Electrical or Mechanical engineering. C6 license can have multidisciplinary specialization codes at the same time. There are 3 major domains of PEC Codes i-e Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. But C6 firm can get multiple projects at the same time but all within the limit of 2.5 crores.

PEC C5 License Limit

C5 is 2nd category after initial category.

  • C5 limit: Rs 65 Mn or 6.5 crore
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 1 enigneer required
  • Balance required: Rs 3 Mn

C5 or O-5 is a higher category than C6. PEC C5 limit firm can execute or participate in public bidding of maximum PKR 65 million. C5 is a quite handsome firm due to project limit. For C5 firm registration, the closing balance of Rs 3 Million or 30 lacs is a must. Only 1 engineer having 5 PCP points is required. But PEC C5 firm has more than 1 engineer at the same time.

PCP stands for in engineering?

PCP stands for Professional Credit Points in Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). A fresh Engineer has 5 PCP points and fresh Professional engineer enjoys 10 PCP points.

PEC C4 Category Limit

According to Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), firm registered in C4 category can execute works not exceeding Rs 200 Million or 20 crores.

  • C4 limit: Rs 200 Mn or 20 crore
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 3 enigneers or 15 PCPs
  • Balance required: Rs 6 Mn

C4 firm has a good scope of work due to good project limit. For registration in category C4, the closing balance of Rs 6 million or 60 lacs is mandatory. 15 PCP points mandatory for upgradation in C4 or new C4 firm registration with PEC. If C4 firm hires fresh engineers then 3 engineers can fulfil PCP requirement. Engineers may be from any discipline i-e Electrical, Civil or Mechanical Engineering

PEC C3 License Limit

Constructors or Operators in category C3 are eligible for public works of not more than Rs 500 Million or 50 crores.

  • C3 limit: Rs 200 Mn or 20 crore
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 4 enigneers or 20 PCPs
  • Balance required: Rs 30 Mn

C3 category firm is considered a moderately big engineering organization due to the higher limit. For C3 firm registration with PEC, 20 PCP points are required. 4 fresh engineers can be hired or 2 professional engineers can fulfil PCP requirement.

PEC C2 License Limit

C2 is considered as a big license.

  • C2 Project Limit: Rs 1000 Mn or 100 crore
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 4 enigneers or 35 PCPs
  • Balance required: Rs 50 Mn

PEC C1 License Limit

C1 is a very decent and handsome category allowing execution of big works.

  • C1 project limit: Rs 2500 Mn or 25 crore
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 90 PCPs
  • Balance required: Rs 80 Mn

For C1 registration, the firm must have 3 years of experience in the market

PEC C-B License Limit

PEC CB License is a very big license

  • CB project limit: Rs 4000 Mn or 400 crore
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 120 PCPs
  • Balance required: Rs 100 Mn

PEC C-A License Limit / PEC No Limit Firm

  • CA project limit: Rs No Limit
  • Engineers Required: Minimum 200 PCPs
  • Balance required: Rs 150 Mn

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  1. AoA
    Sir how can I get information about my PCP points whether I have upgraded or not.
    Furthermore I am a fresher engineer what are my PCP points now

      • Dear Muhammad Tufail,
        Fresh graduated Engineer gets 5 PCPs & 1 bonus PCP if life time membership. Till next 5 years after graduation, he or she will have 6 PCPs, from 6th Year onwards, 1 PCP will be added each year.

        Kind Regards,


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