PSA Registration for Solar Imports 2024 (Pakistan Solar Association)

The DGTO, Directorate General Trade Organizations of the Government of Pakistan has registered the Pakistan Solar Association PSA, a non-profit, non-governmental trade organization. Pakistan Solar Association PSA is based in Lahore. PSA registration is considered mandatory while getting LC for solar imports through any commercial bank operating in Pakistan under the State Bank of Pakistan’s regulations. Furthermore, for details regarding PSA registration in Pakistan, feel free to contact us by clicking here

PSA Registration: why & whom

The mission of the Pakistan Solar Association PSA is to safeguard, expand, and market your business. It also operates as a facilitator for solar traders, solar importers, and solar installers looking for bank financing. It assists in realizing the goal of a Green Pakistan. For the purpose of advancing the solar industry in Pakistan, the Pakistan Solar Association offers networking opportunities for its member businesses, solar experts, and other local and international industry stakeholders.

Pakistan Solar Association registration

If you are looking for a registration with PSA, then you have landed at the right place. We are here to assist you in getting your registration done. Hence, TENCO aims to create smoothness for your solar business by making endless and timely efforts.

PSA registration
Pakistan Solar Association Certificate

Pakistan Solar Association Fee Structure & Time Duration

Depending on the type of ownership, PSA fee structure varies. You can get your business registration for just Rs. 85,000. If you are looking for a registration for your company or partnership firm that involves more than 3 directors or partners, then this amount can vary accordingly.

As PSA registration is a manual and hefty procedure. PSA registration takes almost 20 working days. You will get your PSA certificate within 20 working days.

PSA Contact Number for registration help (051-8899222)

For registration purposes, you can contact us directly by clicking here

TENCO deals with PSA registration throughout Pakistan. If your business exists in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, or any other city in Pakistan, you are eligible for PSA registration. At TENCO, we recognize the value of a seamless and effective PSA registration process. Our team of skilled professionals is here to make your transition into the solar industry as simple as possible. We will assist you at every stage, from gathering the required paperwork to making sure it satisfies all PSA standards.

PSA Registration Requirements

PSA registration is a manual procedure that is required by companies, firms, and proprietorships. Document requirements vary with business type, depending on the type of ownership. If you are looking for a registration with PSA, then you must have the following documents:

  • CNICs of all directors/partners/owner
  • Company National Tax Number (NTN)
  • 2 Passport-size pictures of all directors/partners/owner
  • Company’s income tax return of last 01 year

PSA Certificate Validity

PSA certificate remains valid for 1 year. Every year, it remains valid till the month of March. By the following year, businesses have to apply for renewal with PSA. Above all, if you want to operate your business smoothly, you must have to apply for PSA renewal each year. For renewal purposes, you can also contact us directly via our Whatsapp (0300-5006839), Phone number (051-8899222) or email (info@tenco.pk).

Requirements for getting Solar import LC from Bank

PSA certificate is one of the mandatory requirements for Solar commercial import in Pakistan. While applying LC with any commercial Bank for solar imports, banks always ask for PSA certificate, PPIB certificate, AEDB certificate, PEC certificate, GST certificate, NTN certificate and a registered business having active business bank account in Pakistan.

Is PSA required for Solar Import?

Yes, when companies intend to import solar panels, banks demand this certification from them. Pakistan Solar Association assists companies in solar import. It provides a way which makes your import process smoother and even. This certification makes you eligible for solar imports internationally. It is a major requirement, banks ask for PSA registration before issuing Letter of Credit to companies. This LC is basically proof that companies are registered with authentic solar related organizations. Timely registration with PSA can save your energies and time for future and TENCO is here to assist you in this matter. Please feel free to contact us in order to get your PSA registration timely.

How to Import Solar panels in Pakistan?

Importing solar panels into Pakistan is a systematic procedure. This process works under proper channel. Before you apply for import, you need to prepare all of your related documentation, like PSA registration and AEDB registration. After documentation, your business has to contact your bank to issue letter of Credit. Bank will issue LC only after verifying your status with PSA, AEDB and PPIB. After verification, Bank will issue your business a lette rof credit which will ensure your business activity for solar imports.

PSA Registration cost

As PSA registration is mandatory for solar panels, solar inverters or solar accessories imported through Bank LC. PSA Registration will cost RS 85,000- in total. It is a manual procedure that requires some documental procedures followed by manual application submission.

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