PEC Amnesty Scheme for Contractors 2020

PEC Amnesty Scheme for Contractors 2020

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has announced the amnesty scheme for Contractors/operators for the year 2020 – 21. Fee amnesty is given to registered contractors for limited time. PEC announced Amnesty Scheme for Constructors 2020 through national newspaper last week. The incentive scheme for Constructors, Operators & Consultants will be applicable till 31 July, 2020

PEC Amnesty Scheme for Constructors 2020
PEC Amnesty Scheme for Constructors, Operators & Consultants 2020

PEC incentive Scheme for Constructors, Operators & Consultants – Year 2020

This incentive is given to enhance the construction and engineering industry in Pakistan. This incentive scheme has 7 major points

1. PEC Incentive for C6 and C5 categories 2020

Present condition for C6 and C5 registration is to show a closing balance of Rs 15 lacs for C6 registration. FOr C5 registration, 30 lacs balance is required in firm bank account.

Amnesty / Incentive for C6 and C5 PEC contractor is very much encouraging. It is a continuation to Prime Minister vision for Construction industry 2020. Get PEC C6 or C5 new registration with ZERO Account balance

2. 75% Fee waived for expired PEC license

If your PC less licence has expired no matters 123 10 15 yes back, this is the golden opportunity to apply for expired licence expiry by playing only 25% free. Has given this limited time offer two contractors and Consultants registered in any category. The firm applying for renewal will pay only 25% of the total fee but before 31st July 2020.


3. Amnesty in Fine imposed by PEC

According to PEC SOPs, if a firm executes work beyond its limits defined by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). It is considered a punishable act according to PEC act. But, now PEC has announced an incentive for firms the firms who have executed work out of limits. Any executed work completed before 21st March 2020 can avail this incentive. The normal fine for this act is three of the present category annual fee. But now till 30th July 2020, firm will pay only 25% of the total fine. However, PEC registered firm will get 75% fee waive. Normally, big works are shown by the PEC registered firms to PEC for upgradation purpose. Now this is the time for work order based upgradation in the higher category without paying heavy fines.


For PEC license renewal details, read How to Register & Renew PEC License?

4 thoughts on “PEC Amnesty Scheme for Contractors 2020”

    • Dear Moiz Azam

      PEC Amnesty Scheme is not extended after November 2021. Just Contractor’s PEC license expired on 30th June, 2021 are further extended till 31st Dec, 2021.



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