Construction Company Registration with PEC in Pakistan?

Construction Company Registration with PEC

For starting any business related to engineering, PEC License is a basic requirement to get eligible for public works. Pakistan Engineering Council is Engineering qualification and Engineering works regulatory authority in Pakistan. Construction Company registration with PEC is mandatory to get construction works with the government.

Starting a new business is a legal process having business oriented requirements. Construction Company registration with PEC in Pakistan may be easy or maybe an easy process. It depends on the desired category and specialization codes with PEC.

There are 8 categories of constructors and operators respectively. Contractor categories are C6, C5, C4, C3 C2, C1, C-B & C-A. Whereas, PEC Operator categories start from O6, O5, O4, O3 O2, O1, O-B & O-A.

Why PEC registration is must for Construction Companies in Pakistan?

When we think of Pakistan Engineering Council registration, the first thing which comes to our minds is construction company registration. But, this is not always a possible case. PEC not only register Local Construction companies from Pakistan but also register foreign companies executing engineering works.

No, it is important to understand that why PEC license is mandatory e for executing public works? According to PEC, it is mandatory for government contractor working with government or semi government institutes to have valid PEC licence. Without having a valid PEC license with relevant codes, Contractors can not qualify any engineering work requiring PEC registration

Sample Constructor PEC License in C4

Sample PEC license in Category C4 is shown in the image below

PEC Sample license in category C4
PEC Sample License


How to register Construction firm with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Pakistan Engineering Council PEC registers firms and companies and issues PEC license in desired categories after fulfilling all requirements. Details for How to register a company in Pakistan Engineering Council is discussed below

PEC company registration / PEC Firm registration

A new firm or company can be registered with Pakistan Engineering Council PEC as a constructor, consultant or operator. Before applying for PEC registration, these steps must be followed. However, Construction firm registration with PEC can be obtained directly from Category C6 to CA. How to register construction company in Pakistan is a hot question. Moreover, the construction company Registration process in Pakistan is discussed below

Sole Proprietor / Business individual registration with PEC

1. Try to choose a unique and catchy name which must present your business focus of the company
2. While choosing a name you must select three names. Incase first name is not available then the second option will be considered and so on.
3. After finalizing the name, apply for NTN registration with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). In short, almost all departments require copy of NTN for enlistments.

4. The address on NTN certificate must be same as on company letterhead. The same address must be return on new application form while applying for PEC new firm registration
5. After getting NTN designer logo and company letterhead
7. Now go for company seal or stamp with complete and correct spellings
8. Open a business bank account in any bank with the same business name as the title. For opening a new bank account company and NTN, letterhead and stamp will be required.

Is SECP registration mandatory for PEC Construction company registration?

Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registration is not mandatory for firms C6, C5 & C4. But, SECP registration is mandatory for C3 & above categories. PEC registered firm in any category will be considered construction company if the firm has Civil Engineering specialized codes.

Types of SECP company registration

There are basically two major categories while applying for SSC company registration. 1. Private limited company (Pvt Ltd) 2. Single-member Company Private Limited (SMC-Pvt Ltd)
For company registration as a Private Limited Company two or more directors/partners are required. But for Single-Member Company or SMC Pvt Ltd requires only 1 owner. SMC Pvt Ltd is an alternative of sole proprietor business.

Private Limited Construction Company Registration with PEC

According to PEC rules, SECP registration is not mandatory for categories C6, C5 and C4. But for C3 or higher categories, SECP registration is mandatory.  Requirements of PEC are slightly different for SECP Pvt Ltd Company or Sole Proprietor firm.
1. Finalise company name and apply for SECP registration
2. A single business individual can go for Sole Proprietor or Single-Member Company Private Limited (SMC Pvt Ltd) registration. If there are 2 or more directors/partners then go for Private Limited Company / Form-C registration
3. Once you get as SECP registration, design letterhead and stamp
4. Open business bank account with title same as business name private Limited
5. PEC will require Memorandum of Association (AoA), Article of Association (AoA), Form 29, Form-A, SECP incorporation certificate

6. Hire 1 or more PEC registered or professional engineers according to the category requirements
7. Deposit required PEC fee through Bank challan available in HBL and MCB bank, Melody branches. For details on PEC Bank challan form, click here
8. Download PEC registration forms from PEC website and fills them in capital letters
9. There are checklists available for every category in the download section of PEC website.
10. In the end, before submitting application along with documents at PEC facilitation centre. Don’t forget to verify engineer through biometric verification facility available at PEC facilitation centres.

Documents required for PEC Construction firm registration in Pakistan

Following documents are required for Construction Company Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council in Pakistan. If a company is Private Limited Company then SECP related documents will also be required. Construction company requirements are as under

i – CNICs of all directors (copies)

ii – Company Bank account statement having a closing balance of more than Rs _____ Millions (Signed & stamped). For closing balance requirements, click here

iii- Account maintenance certificate from branch

iv – 15 company letter-heads (stamped)

v- Organization chart (if available)

vi- SECP Documents complete set (copy) – only required if registered with SECP

Note: Address registered with SECP / NTN must be the same as written on letterhead.

PEC Company registration fee / PEC Firm Registration fee

For complete details on PEC registration and renewal fee, visit our blog section or click here.

PEC Company Registration Form / PEC New Company Registration Form

Pakistan Engineering Council PEC has an extensive website. From PEC registration guidelines to PEC company registration form, everything is available for users. FOr PEC Company registration form / PEC firm registration form, please click here.

Is online portal available for C6 construction company registration with PEC?

PEC registration portal for contractors is available online on PEC website. But, only C2 or above categories can use the portal. PEC has taken many initiatives but Online portal for contractors operators is the best.

But, there is a need for extension in the online PEC registration portal for contractors. Firms in category C2 or above applying online will also submit documents in hard form. In case of online application, PEC will demand original PEC licence too.

PEC C6 Firm Registration Requirements in Pakistan 2020

Engineering regularity Authority in Pakistan is the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). When it comes to New Construction Company Registration in Pakistan, then C6 category comes in mind as its initial constructor category. PEC C6 Firm registration is not a very difficult process.

In this article, we will discuss PEC license registration in category C6 briefly. For PEC license registration fee details click here

How to register C6 firm with PEC in Pakistan / What is PEC C6 Registration?

Registration in C6 category construction company already discussed above. Basic requirements for a construction company in any category is almost the same.

Why PEC Registration is required by Construction Companies?

According to PEC rules, all the Contractors or Operators must have valid PEC registration. Without having a valid PEC registration certificate, construction companies will not be eligible for executing public works. Meanwhile, if a construction company or any Engineering firm execute work without having valid PEC licence will have to pay Fine. In short, PEC will impose fine equals to 3 times of annual category fee as fine/ penalty.

What is PEC C6 category limit?

PEC C6 category is the initial category. C6 project limit is Rs 25 Million or 2.5 crores.

Closing balance required for PEC C6 registration in Pakistan

The closing balance of Rs 15 lacs is mandatory for registration in category C6. For financial soundness requirements for all categories, click here

What is the difference between PEC C6 and O6 Categories in Pakistan?

PEC C6 category shows the initial CONSTRUCTOR firm registered with PEC. whereas, O6 represents initial category as OPERATOR registration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Project cost limit for C6 / O6 categories are Rs 25 Million.

Engineer is required or not for PEC C6 Registration in Pakistan?

Yes, now it is mandatory or all constructors/operators categories to hire Engineer(s). For C6 or O6 category, at least one Engineer is mandatory having 5 PCP points. Engineer requirement is sam for renewal as well. Only 1 Registered engineer can fulfil 5 PCP points having valid PEC registration

PEC C6 license verification

PEC license of Constructor,  Consultant, Operator or Engineer can be verified online. For Engineer PEC card verification, click here. You can verify Constructor / Operator license validity by clicking here. For PEC Consultant verification, please click here.

PEC New Firm Name availability

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has not an advanced name search system before applying for Firm registration. For PEC firm name availability check online, click here

PEC C6 Registration fees

New firm registration and an annual renewal fee of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in any category are the same. PEC C6 registration/renewal fee is Rs 15,000 annually.

PEC C6 Registration form

For registration of new civil engineering construction company registration with PEC in category C6, down application forms form PEC website. Or simply to download PEC C6 registration form, please click here.

PEC C6 Registration bank challan form

MCB Challan Form - Construction Company registration with PEC
MCB Challan Form

PEC C6 requirements

Major requirements for PEC C6 license registration is

  • Rs 15,000 bank challan as an annual fee
  • Minimum 1 Registered Engineer having valid PEC registration card
  • PEC application form with all required documents
  • Closing balance of Rs 15 lacs in the firm bank account
  • Account maintenance certificate from the bank branch

How to apply for PEC C6 category in Pakistan

As C6 is the initial PEC Contractor category, so one has to apply manually by filling PEC Firm registration form. PEC facilitation centres are open form 9 am to 1 pm to accept registration application.

Is SECP registration mandatory for PEC C6 category registration?

No, SECP registration is not mandatory for C6 firm registration with PEC. If SECP registered company wants registration in C6, the company can apply

Time requirements for PEC C6 category in Pakistan

PEC takes around 4 to 6 weeks after applying for a license. However, till printing and dispatching of PEC license in C6 or any other category around a month is required.

Firm Registration verification

PEC registered firms / PEC companies can be verified online form PEC website. SImply user has to select the category and enter Firm Registration number with PEC. Moreover, for PEC Firm registration verification click here.

How can Mechanical registered company with PEC do construction projects

PEC registered firms having mechanical codes can get 25% of there category limit. It is formula that PEC registered firm can get any discipline work upto 25% of the allowed license limit.

how construction company get registered from PEC

pec registered construction company for sale in Pakistan

register construction company in pec office

PEC foreign company registration

Pakistan Engineering Council PEC allows Foreign company registration. However, Foreign Company can apply for registration with PEC after fulfilling the requirements for Foreign company registration with PEC.

PEC Consultant firm registration

PEC also registers Consultants firms. For details and requirements for PEC COnsultant firm registration, please visit Pakistan Engineering Council PEC website.

PEC Guidelines for Constructors / Operators

PEC guidelines for Constructors and Operators are available in the download section of PEC website. Moreover, to download PEC Guidelines / Registration policy 2017, click here

How to apply for PEC registration? PEC registration procedure

PEC registration is a must for firms desiring to execute engineering works with government and semi-government institutes in Pakistan. However, how to apply for PEC registration is an important question. In this article, complete details are discussed. In short, Companies desiring registration in category C3 or below can apply manually. Company with Pakistan Engineering Council PEC can be applied around the year.

Whereas, companies in need of PEC category in C2 or above category will apply online through Constructors Registration portal. PEC portal for firm registration, renewal and upgradation is available online. For PEC portal Login click here.

Government Contractor Registration

Firms registered with Pakistan Engineering Council PEC are also known as Government Contractors or Government Constructors. However, the procedure for Government contractor registration is the same as discussed above.

how to start a small construction company in Pakistan

SMall construction can be started by getting registration in C6 category. For details on PEC C6 firm registration, click here

Profit Margin in Construction Business in Pakistan

Construction business with Public sector requires huge investments but profit margin in much high than any other business in Pkaiysna. If Construction company is registered with PEC, then firm has much higher chances of getting high-profit ration projects within Pakistan.

how to start construction business in Pakistan

govt contractor registration

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pec contact

engineering company registration in Pakistan

Pakistan engineering council company registration

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Pakistan engineering council construction company registration

Pakistan engineering council construction company registration form

Pakistan engineering council list of registered firms

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Is SECP mandatory for PEC firm registration

SECP registration is mandatory for firms desiring registration in Category C3 or above. Form Category C6 to C4, SECP registration is not required.

What documents are required for PEC registration

is gst mandatory for pec registration / is Sales Tax registration is required for PEC registration?

is pec registration required for DHA projects

pec construction company registration requirements in Pakistan 2020

new company registration with PEC

new firm registration with pec

pec specialization codes


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