Starting business in Pakistan

Initiating a business with some new or existing idea is always a difficult & sensitive step to move with. A person thinking of a new startup maybe a teenager, young or even a retired old man. So, the perception & thinking level of a person starting a new business in Pakistan may be different. How to start New Business in Pakistan is a common but open-ended question. So, the answer to this questing cannot be fixed, it may depend on different factors. We will try to discuss all the related factors in this article 

Levels of Business

When talking about business, it is a vast domain with no limits. The business may be of almost infinite types. Each process in which one person is not employed on a fixed monthly basis with some employer & he/she is doing some works for earning, may be called a business.

However, there may be 3 major levels of business as

  1. Self-Employed (One Man Show)
  2. Business Man (working in team)
  3. Investor (Earning from money)

i. Self-Employed 

In this type of business, only one person is responsible for all the activities. This business can be called a One-Man Show too.

A self-employed person may or may not have an office, no team & working in very limited resources. The owner of the self-employed business is called Chief Executive Officer CEO of the company in Pakistan.

ii- Business Man (working in team)

In this type of business, a team is working on specific tasks with better resources. Normally businessman is always looking for better options to invest or serve others with the skills he or his team has got.

A businessman always looks for talent around him, he invests in talent & earns handsome amounts through that talent.

In short, in this type of business owner is not operating as a one-man show but working in a team. This is the best phase for developing a business.

iii- Investor (Making money from Money)

This is the most premium step in business. Investors just rotate money to catch more and more money

Top 5 small business ideas 

Everyone among us wants to get extra income for a better lifestyle. Most of the individuals attached with some Jobs or industries are living hand to mouth or have very well planned but the financially tight schedule

For the best 5 small business ideas, one can consider one of them

  • Online forex trading
  • Online Contact writing
  • Invest in property / land on installments basis
  • invest in gold


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