Direct PEC registration in higher categories – C5 to CA

New Direct PEC Registration in higher Category – C5 to CA

Pakistan Engineering Council PEC is a government organization operating under the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST). PEC headquarters is located in Capital of Pakistan- Islamabad & has PEC regional / liaison offices in every provincial capital. PEC registration falls in 3 major categories PEC Engineers Registration, Constructors/ Operators registration & PEC Consultants registration. But, getting direct PEC registration in higher categories is sometimes considered a very complex and difficult task. By higher categories we mean categories C5 and above for Constructors and O5 and above for Operators. For new firm/company registration in any category in Pakistan, get our professional services by clicking here.


Direct Registration in Higher Categories
Direct Registration in Higher Categories

Contractor Firm Registration

Contractors also called Government contractors or government Constructors are the individuals, firms or compies who execute government and semi-government projects advertised publically. Contractors with Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering specialized PEC codes are can execute relevant works. Contractor Firm Registration is done with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Can we get PEC license in higher category without having Experience?

Is it possible to get PEC registration in higher categories without having any experience? Yes, it is possible for firms/companies to get registration directly in higher categories without having any prior experience. But there are certain rules and regulations of Pakistan Engineering Council PEC which must be followed. PEC category wise registration procedures are as under

1. PEC Company Registration in C5 Category

New PEC firm Registration in category C5/O5 is possible with PEC? Yes, direct registration in C5 or O5 is possible. A new firm or a company desiring C5 registration with PEC can apply by for registration by fulfilling one of the following conditions. What is Project limit of PEC C5 category? Category C5 project limit is Rs 65 Million or 6.5 crores, for PEC categories limits in detail visit the link. We get different queries on how to get C5 registration with pec without experience or can we get C5 PEC registration without experience or C5 new firm registration with PEC possible if the owner is not an Engineer. The simple answer to all queries Yes. For PEC firm Registration in C5 or O5, below are the requirements

PEC C5 Registration with Engineer Partner

A sole proprietor, Single Member Company or Private Limited Company can apply for direct registration in C5 with PEC. But, Owner of the firm or atleast 1 director / Partner must be Engineer having a valid PEC registration card as Registered RE Engineer. A fresh Engineer as owner or partner can apply for direct PEC registration in C5 without showing any prior experience. Engineer owned C5 firm will deposit Rs 30,000 PEC fee by filling PEC bank challan form. For C5 registration, only 5 PCPs (Professional Credit Points) are required which can be fulfilled with a freshly registered engineer. In case of Private Limited or Partnership firm/ Form-C firm, Engineer must hold atleast 20% shares in the company capital.

C5 New firm Registration on Financial basis

If the owner or director/partner is not an Engineer, then can we get PEC C5 license? Yes, Non-Engineer owner can also get PEC registration in category C5 on financial/net-worth base. If a firm or company has closing balance of minimum Rs 30 lacs then the firm is eligible for PEC registration in category C5. In case of SECP registered company, Audit report verified by registered chartered accountant firm is mandatory.

C5 firm registration with PEC on work orders

If a firm/company has executed engineering works without having valid PEC registration then the firm will be liable for PEC penalty. For consideration of these works, firm /company will pay fine then PEC will consider these works. Total work orders of worth of Rs 45.5 Million will be mandatory for C5 registration with PEC. However, work executed must be with Government or semi-government organization.

2. PEC Company Registration in C4 Category

PEC registration in category C4 is possible? or How to register our company in C4 with PEC? Yes, direct PEC registration in category C4 is possible.

Requirements for C4 registration

For PEC C4 license registration, following are basic requirements

  1. CNICs of all the owners
  2. NTN of the firm – must have the same address as written on firm letterhead.
  3. Firm bank account statement for last 6 months
  4. Account maintenance certificate
  5. Closing balance of Rs 6 Million
  6. Verifiable Chartered Account Firm audit report
  7. company/firm seal

3. PEC Company Registration in C3 Category

New registration with Pakistan Engineering Council PEC is somehow a lengthy process when talking about big contractor categories. Almost every investor want registration in higher categories with PEC. It is a common question that our firm has no prior experience, can we get new firm registration in C3 category with PEC? Yes, direct registration with PEC in c3 category is possible on 1 of the 3 options. 1. C3 registration on Financial worth base 2. New C3 firm registration on Engineer partner based 3. Firm registration in C3 on work orders based (quite difficult)

Documents required for C3 registration

Following documents are required for C3 PEC firm registration with PEC

  1. Copies of CNICs of all partners (if any)
  2. NTN certificate
  3. Letterhead
  4. Firm stamp
  5. Firm Bank account statement
  6. Closing balance of Rs 30 Million – if financial worth option is availed
  7. Bank account maintenance certificate

4. PEC Company Registration in C2 Category

C2 category is considered a big category in PEC. Can we get C2 registration directly with PEC? Yes, a new firm or company can apply and get PEC registration in C2. There are around 7,000 firms registered in C2 category with PEC.

5. PEC Company Registration in C1 Category

For direct registration with PEC in C1 category, we can avail one of the 2 options. i- 2 partner engineers having more than 20 years of experience. ii- Financial soundness basis with QCR Chartered Accountant firm.

6. PEC Company Registration in CB Category

Can we register our firm or Company with PEC directly in CB category? Yes, direct CB PEC registration is possible.

7. PEC Company Registration in CA / No Limit license

how to get registered with PEC in higher categories

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