AEDB Solar Company Registration 2022 – A Complete Guide

Alternative Energy Development Board common known as AEDB is a government organization operating under the Ministry of Water and Power. Moreover, AEDB regulates alternative energy development in Pakistan since 2006. However, AEDB Solar License Registration is a technical process that requires an AEDB expert Consultant for End to End Solutions.

Alternative Energy Development Board AEDB is established in 2003 by the Federal government. AEDB moved under the Ministry of Water & Power back in 2006. However, AEDB was established with a mission to regulate, operate & enhance the development of alternative energy means in Pakistan. Alternative energy development board AEDB is the only Federal institute that regulates alternative energy means in Pakistan. AEDB Solar License Registration is a hectic but doable procedure, which we will explain in detail here.

AEDB Registration
Net Metering Registration with AEDB

Pakistan is blessed with full of Allah’s blessings, one of them is four seasons. We have plenty of sunlight around the year, which can be converted into green energy. As a result, millions of MegaWatts can convert our complete electricity generation system to a Green Energy system. Further, the Solar system is a system that converts sunlight (photons) to electricity (DC) energy. There are different types of solar systems

  • Off Grid Solar system
  • ON Grid or Net Metered Solar System

Solar Business Registration with AEDB for Net Metering is a complicated and lengthy process. But, it is quite possible if one can fulfil these pre-requisite requirements

  • Valid PEC Registration
  • proper documentation as per NEPRA 2015 SRO
  • relevant expertise
  • technical staff
  • bank guarantees
  • Provincial tax registration etc

What is Net Metering and How Does it Work?

Net Metering also referred to as an On-Grid system is a term used in energy generation. Therefore, an Electricity generation system connected with the Grid/ Network is called an on-grid system.

Net metering is a process in which an Electricity meter can record incoming and outgoing energy to the grid or from the grid.

Why AEDB registration is required?

Solar vendor registration with AEDB is mandatory for the installation of solar or wind energy systems.

An individual firm or company practising solar system installations can go only for minor projects at the domestic or commercial level. Today is a good time for on-grid systems instead of just installing off-grid systems. As a result, without AEDB certification any company is not eligible to install Net metering in any capacity.

A company intends to provide Solar or Wind Energy systems-related services in the Private or public sectors, then AEDB registration is required. AEDB registration is mandatory for On-grid or net metering solar systems installations. Any individual or company cannot install an on-grid system (sale to WAPDA) unless posses AEDB valid registration.

Benefits of AEDB Registration

Surely, there are many benefits of AEDB registration as

  • Business Development
  • Eligibility for Bank Leasing
  • Less competition
  • Clients trust
  • can enjoy good reputation in market
  • gets eligible for mega projects
  • Fulfils requirement for Government projects
  • great probability to get projects in JV
  • Open ways to international level mega projects

Moreover, AEDB will issue Registration for 3 years from now

As per AEDB’s new registration policy for the years 2021- 2024. AEDB will issue certifications for 3 years instead of 01 year registration.

Also, there are a few merits & demerits of getting 3 years registration as under

Pro: Solar companies can execute projects for the next 3 years without getting into the process of renewal every year

Con: Company has to pay an advance fee for the next 3 years, which is a huge overhead

Requirements for AEDB Solar License Registration

There are different requirements but few of them are mandatory as

  • Valid PEC Registration in relevant category
  • Also, PEC license must have Electrical & Mechanical codes
  • Age of the company must be more than 3 years for C2 and 5 years or more for C1 AEDB registration

For more details visit us at BusinessGuru

AEDB Registration Fee

Hence, while applying in any category, Rs 16,800 (non-refundable) is the processing fee.

CategoryFee (Pkr)
AEDB Solar Company Registration Fee

AEDB Registration Time?

Therefore, Registration procedures are dependent purely on the completion of the file. If all documents are duly complete & attested then it may take  3 – 4 months if forwarded without some expert services provider.

Scope of Solar business in Pakistan

As Pakistan is a developing country, there is huge space for alternative energy means eg solar & wind systems. Also, the scope and market trend has changed, off-grid solar (Solar plates & backup batteries) are getting obsolete. Therefore, large clients/industries are looking for on-grid solar systems which are considered more reliable & cost-effective.

AEDB office address?

AEDB’s (Alternative Energies Development Board) head office is located at OPF Foundation building, G-5/2 Islamabad. Moreover, it is the red zone of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

List of AEDB Vendors in different cities?

As per AEDB stats 2020, the following are registered vendors

S.NoCityTotal vendors in C-1Vendors in C-2Vendors in C-3
AEDB Approved Vendors in Pakistan

What is Net-Metering?

Net-metering is a process that allows incoming & outgoing generated power. In 2018, WAPDA allowed net-metering for domestic & commercial generation of electricity from green sources. Moreover, one can sell & purchase electricity from/ to WAPDA as per the consumption requirement.

Net metering is a process that allows energy generation sources to get attached to the grid

AEDB net metering Vendor Registration

aedb net metering vendor registration

Get AEDB Registration in 1 month

AEDB Registration in 1 month
AEDB Registration in 1 month

If you are looking for AEDB Registration, then you have landed to a correct platform. AEDB Registration can boost your solar business from small projects to mega projects on a rapid pace. AEDB Registration make

  • Solar company authorised for Net Metering througout Pakisan
  • Eligible for Government / semi government projects
  • eligible for Bank Leasing for solar projects

Is PEC Registration required for AEDB Registration?

Pakistan Engineering Coucil PEC Registration is one of many other pre-requesite mandatory requirements before applying for AEDB registration in any category. PEC requirement is different for different AEDB Categories. For example for

  • 250Kw PEC C6 is required
  • 500Kw PEC minimum C5 is required
  • 1Mw PEC minimum C3 category is required

Can we get AEDB Registration for 1 year?

No, as per new AEDB policy only 03 years AEDB cerification is issued. AEDB Certificate will be valid for next 03 years from the date of issuance.

Is Bank Gurantee Required for AEDB Registration?

Yes, bank guarantee from any bank in Pakistan is required of Rs 5 lacs for 04 years.

AEDB category can be upgraded or not?

AEDB category upgrdation is not entertained by AEDB. Each time if some upgrdation, renewal or downgradation of AEDB license is requried, then one has to apply from scratch.

AEDB Bank Guarantee is Refundable?

Bank Gurantee submitted to AEDB is refunadble fater 01 month of expiry of the license. Refund is conditional if there is no complaint or claim on the certified installer.

Is SECP Registration Mandatory for AEDB Registration?

Which PEC codes are required for AEDB Registration?

Business Age required for AEDB Registration?

Direct Registration in AEDB No Limt category possible?

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